Welcome to Strasbourg

Cosmopolitan and dynamic, we tell you everything about our beautiful city that you will enjoy discovering. 

Welcome to Strasbourg - EM Strasbourg

3 Good Reasons to Visit Strasbourg 

  1. An attractive European city
    Many European institutions such as the European Parliament and the Council of Europe are located in Strasbourg. From the Neustadt district, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to mythical monuments like the Cathedral, the city is full of treasures to discover.
  2. A rich and diverse cultural scene

    Fan of art, movies, music? In Strasbourg, you will find: 10 museums, 1 opera house, 4 theaters, 5 movie theaters et 3 concert halls. This is a great way to enjoy an intense arts program throughout the year, which is complemented by numerous festivals and street events.

  3. A remarkable culinary heritage 
    Strasbourg's culture is also its gastronomy. Generosity and conviviality are the watchwords of Alsatian cuisine. Do you prefer food from somewhere else? You will also find what you’re looking for among the many restaurants offering foreign specialties. To round off your evening, the multitude of bars and nightclubs will appeal to night owls.


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